MontPhoto Exhibition: “Aquatic Visions”

The exhibition shows a selection of the most beautiful images submitted to the International Nature Photography Contest MontPhoto, between 2011 and 2014, with the aquatic environment at their centre.

Photographs taken underwater, and images of coasts and river mouths, due to the transcendental importance of the area where the submerged land joins the landmass.

Images above and below the water. “Water” or underwater photographers and “land” photographers. Two very different perspectives and disciplines. Two ways of perceiving and reflecting the beauty of the environment and the biodiversity that characterizes it.

Through the creativity and the originality of the photographers, they show us these ecosystems under their more artistic view. Colors, textures, shapes, species, flora, landscape … they transport us around the world, where the main actor/element is always the water.
Exhibition: MontPhoto iconographic archivesCoastal and underwater photographs from MontPhoto winning competitions. The collection has never been exhibited in its entirety.

Dates: Friday 14th November to 5th December 2014.
Venue: MMB Exhibition Room: Nau de les Drassanes